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Butter OG




Available at Bay Area Safe Alternatives in San Francisco.

One of the best parts about living in the Bay Area is the guarantee of phenomenal examples of iconic cannabis strains. We’ve had great strains in Colorado, but give us Bay Area Safe Alternatives (BASA) Butter OG any day of the week, and we’ll be happy. This is indoor-grown, highly potent, hybrid cannabis flower that patients smoke or vape to instantly adjust stress levels and pain. OG Kush stands amongst the most popular, most diluted strains on the West Coast, but BASA’s Butter OG is the cream of the crop. Butter OG has the strain’s trademark lemony fuel aroma. It’s been perfectly harvested, dried, cured and stored. Grinding released thick waves of piney gas and syrupy lemon—so indulgent. These high-potency OGs have a strong, instant physical pain-relieving, tension-releasing effects that bring on hunger, patients report.

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