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Businesses Use New Vapor Technology to Banish Cannabis Odors




According to a Nov. 13 press release, Lowell Cafe joined the list of cannabis-friendly businesses to utilize Cannabolish, a liquid vapor that removes unwanted odors, especially in places of business. Through Cannabolish, the giveaway cannabis odor can be removed much more efficiently than traditional methods. 

Using a science-based formula, Cannabolish doesn’t just mask odors, it neutralizes and removes them. West Hollywood, California-based Lowell Cafe, which legally allows cannabis consumption on its premises, is currently one of the most popular and visible cannabis companies to take advantage of the new technology.

Lowell Cafe uses Cannabolish, but with a larger system built for commercial business. “We’re committed to being good neighbors to surrounding businesses and patrons in West Hollywood, so we needed safe and effective solutions to address cannabis scent concerns,” said Lily Estanislao, general manager of Lowell Cafe. “We chose a commercial-grade system that utilizes Cannabolish because it completely eliminates odors and is non-toxic for people and pets in the area.”

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Cannabolish uses a biodegradable formula made from natural plant oils and water. The company also makes candles and sprays with similar ingredients that banish odors. There are several ways to remove odors, such as the old school go-to cannabis scent remover Ozium or carbon filter technology, but those methods reportedly don’t work as well.

Dr. Laura Haupert is director of Research and Development at OMI Industries, the parent company of Cannabolish.”Carbon filters remove only a small fraction of the odor. Cannabolish’s patented formula is unique because it completely removes odors and can be used safely both indoors and out,” said Dr. Haupert. “We’re proud to partner with Lowell Cafe to help them provide an enjoyable experience for customers and neighbors.”

Cannabolish is available in over 1,000 retail locations across the U.S. and Canada, including Amazon, Bed, Bath & Beyond, MedMen, LivWell and London Drugs. Smaller, personal-sized products are available for consumers at home.