Bubblegum Cookies

Available wherever Theraleaf Relief in San Jose. 

Nitrogen sealed packaging allows Bubblegum Cookies to maintain its unique flavor and scent better than any other kind of packaging. This nitrogen pack is oddly reminiscent of childhood, and just like a kid in class, you can’t bust out a pack of this gum without your friends asking for some. Exactly like the scents of a small downtown candy shop, the chalky and bubbly aromas of bubblegum fill the nasal passages. All of the buds we checked out were hard as a rock and broke down beautifully into a finely grained consistency. A silky smooth smoke envelops the consumers taste buds as each breath tastes more like bubblegum than the last. Ask any Bay Area local where to find these sweet treats, and they’ll point you in the direction of Theraleaf Relief in San Jose.

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