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British Cannabis Clinic Helps Reduces Prices to £4.76 Per Day



Sapphire Medical Clinics, a cannabis clinic with locations in London and Manchester, England is changing the face of access to cannabis medicine for British patients.

Sapphire Medical Clinics was the first to be officially registered by the Care Quality Commission back in 2018. As a result, it has become the first to prioritize making cannabis affordable, and boasts a groundbreaking Medical Cannabis Registry that will help keep track of patients.

“We started off just over a year ago, and we had an initial burst of people that knew about medicinal cannabis and had either been trying to get prescriptions from elsewhere or were waiting for it,” said Dr. Mark Weatherall, who works at Sapphire as a consultant neurologist. “Things sort of calmed down a little bit and then they started to build up, and then of course we had COVID, which kind of pushed everything back.”

Weatherall also added that recent publicity revolving around cannabis is changing, and many are questioning the cost to purchase those products. “People 12 months ago…would be paying probably upwards of somewhere between £500 and £1,000 a month for the product, which is an enormous amount of money. Now the cost is down to a point where, depending on the product, for some people it may cost less than £100 a month. Obviously, that’s still a not inconsiderable amount of money for many people.” The Daily Star reports that there are also more manufacturers now, which has also contributed to the lowered cost of cannabis products.

Now, thanks to how affordable Sapphire Medical Clinics has made cannabis, patients can get medicine for as cheap as £4.76 a day. Other cannabis companies, such as the EMMAC Life Sciences Group, are also reportedly focusing on affordability of cannabis for patients.

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