Brass Knuckles Adjustable Battery & Gelato Cartridge Available at: Airfield Supply Co. in San Jose.

Be prepared for the biggest punch a pen can pack! The brand-new Brass Knuckles adjustable Battery and Gelato Cartridge combination offered over at Airfield Supply Co. in San Jose is a must have for any cartridge fanatic. The adjustable power supply in the battery is a highly valued feature allowing patients to choose the most desirable vapor thickness. The cartridge itself is packed full with an entire gram of gelato concentrate and contains no additives. The viscid texture of this Gelato oil helps produce a lush and aromatic vapor ideal for puffing on all day long. The heavy weight of the battery and extra volume on the cartridge feels great in consumers’ hands and this high standard of quality is certainly part of the reason Brass Knuckles’ products are such a favorite among cartridge aficionados. Overall, it is one of the best options available for patients when it comes to concentrate cartridges; this is not a pen to be missed.

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