Blueberry Sativa


Available at Michigan Compassion Center in Flint.

No, that’s not a type-o. This Blueberry phenotype is indeed 100 percent sativa, as opposed to the indica many are most familiar with. The grower notes this 20-plus year old strain traveled from British Colombia, to Oregon to Colorado, and now is available in Michigan. The structure of this dense yet fluffy, leafy green nug is divine. With its rich golden orange hairs and bountiful frosted crystals, it’s sure to captivate you visually before you even have the chance to sniff. It smells much like it tastes, earthy and slightly fruity with a slight blueberry undertone. Blueberry Sativa’s 24 percent THC content greatly benefits those who combat daily struggles with arthritis, cancer, chronic pain and nausea. Cerebral effects will initiate nearly instantly; this strain is a heavy-hitter. Before long, the relief will begin to meet the rest of your body and have you back on track in no-time.

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