Blueberry Muffins

Available at Hello Wellness in Detroit.

A name so true to its lineage, the Blueberry Muffins strain could easily be mistaken for the freshly-baked version often enjoyed for breakfast in a blind sniff test. Parent strains Afghani and Blueberry have incredibly complimentary genetics, delivering indica-dominant effects paired with an incredibly pungent, fruity and blueberry palate and a bold undertone of sugary sweet muffins. Visually, you’re in for a sweet treat as well; dense buds with hues of purple and green are decorated with bright orange hairs and dusted with a thick coat of trichomes. Patients looking to alleviate symptoms associated with chronic pain, stress, nausea, depression and lack of appetite will find this strain to provide relaxing, euphoric relief, as it contains 23.97 percent THC and 0.51 percent CBD.

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