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Blueberry Kush CO2 Crumble




Available at Canna Culture Collective in San Jose.

Boost your access to clean cannabinoids with this medical-grade extract of the indica hybrid Blueberry Kush cannabis flower. Patients are smoking Blueberry Kush to treat pain like diabetic neuropathy, insulin resistance and insomnia, among dozens of other ailments. Extracts allow for the same dose of cannabinoids without the smoke and irritants of burning. POP Naturals are industry leaders in clean extraction, using additive and co-solvent free methods to get this CO2 crumble. The resulting extract has the consistency of granular wax. It’s perfect for vape pens, atop bowls and in joints, and is dabbable as well. The extract has an ultra-light berry-spice flavor, with effects three times as strong as the strongest flower.

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