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Blue Lemon Haze




Available at Elevations in Colorado Springs.

With fruit hybrids like Pineberries and Limequats all the rage right now, is it too much to ask for a Blumon? No, that’s not a Blooming Onion, but rather a fruit inspired by Blue Lemon Haze from Colorado Springs’ Elevations. Also available in live resin and shatter, the combo of Blueberry and Lemon Haze is mouthwatering with ripe berry and Meyer lemon flavors that come through in every inhale. The structure is impressive considering the haze genetics, with dense light green nugs positively drowning in trichomes. Don’t try biting in or you might lose a tooth. For those who love a nice creeping effect, look no further as we found the relaxation of this strain kept building as we became increasingly more chill. Just try to keep the actual snacks away, as Blue Lemon Haze certainly had us in the mood to munch. Ideal for arthritis and joint pain.

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