Blue Cookies by Freddy’s Fuego Available at: Green Collar Cannabis in Tacoma or Edmonds.

Freddy’s Fuego always delivers quality products in a unique and aesthetically pleasing glass jar with a wooden lid. This time around, the jar housed a flower called Blue Cookies, which is an exquisite specimen. Dense, yet fluffy enough to offer an ideal texture for consumption, the dark green flower is expertly dried and cured, and absolutely dripping with crystals. Upon removing the lid of the slender glass jar, consumers are greeted by a tantalizing fragrance of sweet, baked fruity goodness. Scents of cookies, berries and cherries will entice you to sample this sexy strain, pronto. The CULTURE team used a vaporizer and water pipe to sample this flower and found its effects and flavors to be an absolute pleasure. Like the scent, the flavor was sweet and fruity, with the cookie flavor being the most dominant. At 20 percent THC, this flower will lift you up. Though an indica-dominant hybrid strain, this Blue Cookies behaves more like a sativa, with an effect that’s both blissful and energetic.

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