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Blue Chip Girl Scout Cookies



If anyone invests in the stock market, they know that Blue Chip stocks are year-in and year-out the most reliable, profitable and desirable stocks available. And if you’ve smoked cannabis anytime since 2012, you probably have an idea of what the Girl Scout Cookies strain is all about—creamy and tart flavors, rich and pungent aromas and world-class potency. So armed with that knowledge, it’s not much of a gamble to say the Blue Chip Girl Scout Cookies, available at Purple Lotus Patient Center, are undoubtedly some of the best flowers on the market right now. On the other hand, it might just get its name from the dark bluish/purple “chips” dispersed throughout the otherwise dark green and orange flower. The flavor is absolutely impeccable. A slightly sour but dominated flavor paired with a fresh and sweet taste, which was complemented by a mellow floral aftertaste. This strain is really a great choice when it’s time to gather some thoughts and reflect on things, as the meditative and trance-like state that is induced is perfectly suitable for introspection. Purple Lotus Patient Center is the esteemed purveyor of this truly unrivaled strain. 

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