Black Walnut Bubbler

Are you in the market for a beautiful new piece that is sure to impress your friends? Check out Marley Natural, the official cannabis brand of the Bob Marley family estate, and its recently released, one-of-a-kind Black Walnut Bubbler. The piece has a well-apportioned base, allowing for a large volume of water, and a globe-shaped percolator to provide filtration. This bubbler is made with Black Walnut wood, making it look more like an elegant statement piece, rather than an average glass bubbler. Not to mention, Marley Natural is not your run-of-the-mill cannabis company. Not only does the company provide us with top-notch cannabis products, but also, through its Rise Up program, the company has given back to communities that have been harmed by cannabis prohibition through a number of projects taking place in the U.S. and Jamaica.

Price: $162

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