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BlueKudu’s Black Forest CBD Chocolate Bar




Available wherever BlueKudu products are carried, check locations here.

With graduation just behind us, it’s time to reflect on the hard work that comes with growing up. A perfect example is BlueKudu, a company that—much like their logo—has taken the leap to the next level with their new Black Forest CBD bars. Gorgeously packaged, the combination of black cherries and dark chocolate perfectly compliment the bar’s incredibly mild “green” taste. Marked specifically for CBD dosing, in six servings, the bar boasts 60mg of CBD, and only 1mg of THC. The medicinal effects were loved by testers whether consumed when waking up or finishing a long day. Within 30 minutes of consuming BlueKudu’s Black Forest bar, we felt a calm mood boost that didn’t feel too jumpy or overly energetic. The winning qualities of this bar were its ability to relieve pain and eliminate anxiety, providing a solid distraction for hours. Instead of tossing our hats in the air, we’ll simply tip them.

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