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Black Diamond Sherbet





Available at Club 1820 in San Jose.

We are living in the golden era of Cookies crosses, as evinced by Club 1820’s exclusive Black Diamond Sherbet—a massive, mouth-watering boulder recommended to experts only. The grower is Gold State Legends, who is working hydroponically, indoors. The genetics combine the elite pheno Black Diamond OG with Sunset Sherbet, itself a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. The result is hulking and dark green, bordering on purple. It’s dense, yet sprawling, and just caked in sticky, pungent terpenes that reek of fuel and dessert. Yes, please! A grinder is a must here—the buds are too dense and too oily—making them a challenge to dry completely. Black Diamond Sherbet is dry, but just barely. Decanting it really brightens up a room, and it hits thick, with a tsunami of sherbet-fuel flavor and a maximal dose of THC.

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