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Biscotti Cookies



This strain is a locally grown phenotype of Biscotti Cookies reigning from parent strains Gelato #45 and Pink Panties. The offspring produced have a dark hue to their green leaves with patches of an almost lime green contrast in color. The bud structure is dense and moist; breaking it apart reveals a delicious tangy citrus fruity and floral aroma with an OG funk. This heavily potent strain (testing at 27.2 percent THC, 1.11 percent CBD) offers cerebral and body effects, lending relief to patients combating anxiety, arthritis and lack of appetite. Consume with a fellow patient, and you’re sure to get locked into pleasant and uplifting conversation for hours. Biscotti Cookies would also be a great addition to any 420 activities that involve movies, TV shows, video games or munchie foods!

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