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CannaBasics: Best Strains for Sleep




Many studies agree that the average human will spend one-third of their life either sleeping, or trying to sleep. While it’s both relaxing and necessary for normal daily function, not everyone is blessed with the ability to fall asleep quickly. In fact, many people suffer from sleep disorders, most prominently insomnia. Fortunately, certain indica cannabis strains are perfect for bringing on the Zzz’s.

Grandaddy Purple

Embrace euphoria and relaxation all with this single famous strain. This decades-old strain is one of the most reliable flowers out there, offering potent psychoactive effects that are strong enough to put any consumer into couch-lock mode. With enough in your system, you’ll have no problems getting to sleep.

Girl Scout Cookies

If the pleasantly intoxicating scent of a traditional Girl Scout Cookies strain doesn’t put you to sleep, then its strong effects will. Technically viewed as a hybrid, Girl Scout Cookies is the perfect way to wind down after a long and stressful day, as it will lull you to sleep with a gentle sleep-inducing properties.

Skywalker OG

This is one of the staples of sleep-inducing strains. We could make endless jokes about Skywalker, blue milk, the new films, the old films, etc. but when it comes down to the properties, few strains can do it like Skywalker OG. The effects quickly take effect, beginning from behind the eyes, and makes it way down your shoulders and back—offering both pain relief and easier sleep.

Critical Mass

When our reviewers originally reviewed this flower, they experienced a strong and “incredibly chill and happy effect.” With that in mind, Critical Mass is long-lasting and will help relieve anxiety and stress from any consumer’s mind and body.


This strain has many uses, mainly because it is well-known for having high-CBD and THC content. Together, it’s a miracle worker for full body relaxation and an eliminator of pain to boot.