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Banana Kush Shatter





Available wherever Denver Dab Co. products are carried.

Talk about giving a new meaning to “There’s always money in the banana stand.” Denver Dab Co. truly outdid themselves with their latest run of Banana Kush Shatter—so much so we’d be surprised if it’s still on shelves when you read this. Smelling sugary sweet like griddled plantains and not at all like Laffy Taffy, the light gold shatter held up even in a hot ride back to work. Us, not so much. A giggling, mood-elevating effect befell quite a few of us, with that “back in the day” soaring buzz that we couldn’t get enough of. It’s hard to be stressed when you can’t remember what you were talking about at the start of your sentence, so if you’re looking to relax outdoors or are headed to an awkward social situation, Denver Dab. Co’s Banana Kush has you covered! Now at Fox Cannabis!

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