Banana Champagne x Champagne Shatter Available wherever: Tin Man Oil products are carried

Unless it’s Sunday morning or New Year’s Eve—champagne isn’t something we usually want on deck 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Or at least that was the case until we got our hands on some Banana Champagne x Champagne Shatter by Tin Man Oil. A sample that helped write the textbook on how to identify a shatter, this ultra-sticky concentrate was translucent like a piece of bright yellow glass. Using a water rig, once this Champagne Shatter hit the nail, its vapor filled our mouths with a hashy, nutty aftertaste. Suddenly, reviewers were completing chores and tasks they were previously avoiding with a much better attitude. However, while it started off and continued as a productive inspiration to get tasks done, the sleepy, sedative properties of this concentrate started rendering us ready for some well-deserved chill time.

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