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Baker Launches Europe’s First Mass Produced Cannabis Bread




A Belgian baker is gearing up to launch the first commercial line of cannabis bread in Europe.

Cannabread will be available in Carrefour supermarkets in Brussels as well as two other cities in Belgium later in November. The bread is already on sale in at least one of the five Lowy’s bakery shops in Brussels.

Lowy’s owner Charly Lowy said Cannabread is made with cannabis seeds and has a low level of THC, which is how it can be sold in Belgium with little restrictions. Although the bread doesn’t have psychoactive effects, it smells and tastes like cannabis and even has a light green color. The bread is also certified organic and according to Lowy, full of minerals, vitamin E, Omega 3 and 6, fibers, carotene and magnesium, a far cry from other edibles like various candies, cookies and other sweets. Bakeries in places like The Netherlands have offered some form of cannabis bread in the past, but Lowy will be the first to mass produce Cannabread.

“The bread is intended first and foremost for people who just love bread, and different kinds of it,” Lowy said. “But it’s true that cannabis products are in right now.”

When Lowy first tried to market Cannabread in 2018, the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC) told him to remove all loaves of bread from stores and to destroy them, saying that his bread didn’t have the proper certification to prove it didn’t exceed the legal limit of THC content.

Baker’s yeast can also be used to make rare cannabinoids in larger batches so they can be more easily available for scientists to study. Demetrix Inc. recently secured $50 million in funding to brew cannabinoids using yeast to isolate and produce cannabinoids.