• The Sisters Brothers

    The Sisters Brothers Dir. Jacques Audiard Annapurna Pictures   Living in a time when so much media seems to focus on futures either wrapped in wild, advanced electronics or dystopian

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  • Ladytron

    Ladytron Ladytron !K7   With a new self-titled album, synth-pop legend Ladytron marks two decades as a band and easily demonstrates why it is considered one of the best of the genre.

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  • Happy in the Meantime

    Happy in the Meantime Dude York Hardly Art   A couple of years since its last release, Seattle indie rock trio Dude York re-emerges with four new songs on its new EP, Happy in the

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  • Don Chicharrón

    Don Chicharrón Don Chicharrón Don Cheech Discos   Denver might not be the place one might expect to find some incredibly dazzling Peruvian chicha fusion music, but Don Chicharrón

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  • Halloween

    Halloween Dir. David Gordon Green Universal Pictures   Though it is not the first of its kind, John Carpenter’s 1978 movie Halloween inspired a legion of horror directors and

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  • Phoenix

    Phoenix Pedro the Lion Polyvinyl Records   In the 15 years since Pedro The Lion’s break up, primary songwriter David Bazan has been anything but quiet. Releasing albums that

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  • Almost Free

    Almost Free FIDLAR Mom+Pop   Three years since its last release, Los Angeles, California’s FIDLAR (an acronym for Fuck It Dawg Life’s A Risk) have returned with a 13 fresh tracks

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  • Scooby Snacks

    Scooby Snacks Jack Wavy Wavy Records   At just 18 years old, Denver rapper Jack Wavy has just released his debut EP, Scooby Snacks, and brought a little much-needed warmth and

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