• ReCon

    Available through California’s Kindest Delivery.This is one nice looking nug, with plenty of red hairs peeking through the light shade of green. It appears to have been cured perfectly, which

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  • Dank Grashopper 420 P’NUT BUD’R Bar

    Available at California Coastal Collective in Pacific Beach.Just one bar contains an impressive 420mg of THC and still tastes great, almost like Nutella. The packaging is fun and informative,

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  • Romulan ’91

    Available through Always Greenest Delivery.This Romulan ’91 nug is so frosty, it almost looks like a tiny disco ball! There are so many trichromes covering the excellent structure, it’s easy

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  • Conspiracy Kush Oil

    Available at Rip City Remedies in Portland.With a texture much like pulled taffy, this oil is easy to work with and would be great for those looking to try concentrates for the first time. Its

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  • Green Crack

    Available at Greenland Dispensary in Portland.This fruity sativa tastes sweet like a honeydew melon. Sold by Greenland Dispensary in Portland, these are some pretty skunky buds. When smoked,

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  • Blueberry Haze

    Available at The Pole in Detroit.A very tasty strain; the parents of this 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid are Blueberry and Shining Silver Haze. With a sweet blueberry taste, you’ll want to get

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  • 039

    Available at The Green Bean in Flint.The parents of this 70/30 sativa-dominant hybrid are Burmese Kush and Blue Dream. It’s covered densely with trichomes and produces a nice euphoric feeling.

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  • San Fernando Valley OG Kush

    Available at The Barn in Burton.Now this is something for the cannasseurs. Lemon seems to overwhelm this strain, but the piney after-notes keep it grounded. At 70/30 indica-dominant and 19.85

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