• Winter Gardening V: Dry, Trim, Enjoy

    It has been more than two weeks since I hung the plants to dry in a tent in an unheated room. The temperature range in the room was 55°F to 70°F, and the humidity was usually in the 50 percent

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  • Winter Gardening IV: Harvest

    I was away from late February to early April. But the die was set. The plants had already been transplanted into their final containers: 3- or 5-gallon soft-sided pots. They were set out in the

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  • Winter Gardening III

    Click here for part II of Ed's Winter tutorial. From September 22, the first day of Autumn, until March 22, the first day of Spring, the planet Earth receives fewer hours of light than

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  • Winter Gardening with Ed Rosenthal

    Click here for part II of Ed's Winter tutorial. It’s mid-January, and here in San Francisco’s East Bay the weather is mostly cloudy with a high of 63 and a low of 45 degrees. The

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    After the storms in early September, the weather cleared up a bit. During the inclement, cloudy and clammy weather, powdery mildew and grey mold attacked the ripening colas. All of the fungicides I

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  • On the Deck VI

    The angle of the sun changes dramatically between late August and late September. The plants on the deck that were brightly lit during the summer lost their direct exposure to the sun. By early

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  • On the Deck V

     By this point, the plants have switched from vegetative growth to flowering. At about the same time I stripped all of the lower leaves and branches, known as the underbrush, because they were

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