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Ask Sarah Diesel

Ask Sarah Diesel

Dear Sarah,

My friends were medicating at an outdoor cannabis event when this guy came up to their smoking circle. He introduced himself and even smoked with them. After a whi




Dear Sarah,

My friends were medicating at an outdoor cannabis event when this guy came up to their smoking circle. He introduced himself and even smoked with them. After a while he asked if he could buy a little from anyone. They all said “no” so then the guy left. Could he have been an undercover cop?

~ Scared in Santa Ana

Dear Scared in Santa Ana,

Undercover cops sometimes infiltrate political organizations. They look, walk and talk just like people who attend cannabis events. They can lie about being cops even if asked directly. Undercover cops can even break the law (narcs get hazard pay for doing drugs as part of their cover) and encourage others to do so as well. This is not legally entrapment. An informant is a person who provides privileged information about a person or organization to an agency. The term is usually used within the law enforcement world, where they are officially known as confidential or criminal informants (CI), and can often refer pejoratively to the supply of information without the consent of the other parties with the intent of malicious, personal or financial gain. So, your friends did the right thing by saying “no” the infamous red flag question, “Can I buy some from you/anyone?” But even sharing cannabis could be considered probable cause. Next time, I suggest you have a game plan with your friends before any events so you can avoid this scary situation.

Dear Sarah,

At parties it’s very common for people to pass around joints. Is there a way I can hit a joint without touching my lips to it?

~ Smoking in Santa Monica

Dear Smoking in Santa Monica,

Absolutely! There are a couple different ways that I execute this without looking like a germaphobe: (1) Place the joint between your ring finger and pinky in your left hand. Now tightly cup your hands together leaving a tiny hole near your thumbs. Use this as your mouth piece. (2) Hold the joint with your index finger and your thumb so the part you hit is recessed about ¼ of the way in your fingers instead of protruding out. You then touch your lips to your fingers and suck a combination of air and smoke. You will be able to adjust the air/smoke ratio by making a tighter or looser suction against your fingers. Ta-Da!


Dear Sarah,

My husband and I are patients and very open with our family and children about cannabis. We never medicate in front of the children nor do we drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. Our children are very active, healthy and doing wonderful in school. The biggest fear we have is loosing them because of a plant. Why do some people think we are ‘marijuansters’?

~ Anonymous Parents


Dear Anonymous Parents,

The people who call you marijuansters are uneducated about cannabis. They have been duped by the propaganda and lies that the government tells them. Honestly, you are an inspiration to me and many other patients who want to have children or already do. We can all agree that federal law needs to change. This is why I am a cannabis advocate/activist. Growing up the ’80s, I participated in D.A.R.E and the Drug Use is Life Abuse program. I even wrote President George H.W. Bush a letter about how bad drugs are and that I will never try them. Well, George, look at me now, a cannabis crusader fighting the failed War on Drugs. To any medical cannabis patients/parents living a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle not only for you but your children I support you 420%!


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