Arts OG Live Resin

Available wherever Sherman Oaks Holistic Oasis in Sherman Oaks.

Live resin is a fairly new extraction process that uses freshly harvested plants and freezes them, allowing for retention of the plants complete terpene profile. This results in the most flavorful concentrates available, which makes the proprietary strain of Arts OG Live Resin from the Sherman Oaks Holistic Oasis so flawless. Nestled in a re-useable non-stick silicon container, this superlative wax resembles tangerine sugar candy, crumbly yet easily pliable for the nail. With a clean smooth burn, a mild lemon pepper flavor emerges as the wax vapor expands in your lungs. Within in a few seconds, the rush swirls up through your body to your head. Feelings of warmth and heightened awareness quickly follow. Time soon becomes distorted as the euphoric effects build. One hit of this potent wax will get you where you want to go, but it is so good, we bet you can’t hit just once.

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