Applehouse CBD Drops Available wherever: Applehouse products are carried.

Quality CBD oil is hard to find nowadays, with the plethora of CBD companies popping up everywhere and the endless competition that ensues. Applehouse, powered by Apple Farms, provides detailed information on its product labels, clearing up any uncertainty you might have when selecting a good source. That way you know exactly what you’re putting into your body. Our dropper contained golden hemp-derived CBD oil, grapeseed oil and organic flavoring. The oil was crystal clear and free of cloudy residue. Each dropperful contains 40mg of oil, translating to one dose. With 800mg of total oil, the bottle contains 20 dosages of oil. There are no traces of THC, so you can function during the daytime when you need to be alert and coherent. Applehouse also produces other unique products, such as CBD-infused pet items and CBD-infused honey, all using CBD isolated from hemp.

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