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Animal Cookies Rosin Budder





Available at Lightshade Labs in Denver.

While the debate over whether or not vegetarians can eat animal crackers continues between corny dads everywhere, Animal Cookies Rosin Budder is definitely dabbable. One of our favorite phenos of Cookies turned out like a masterpiece thanks to Lightshade Labs and Concentrate Supply Co. We could immediately tell it was ice water extracted with superb flavor (earthy rubber and an almost cloying sweetness) from well-preserved terps. The almost putty-like texture was unique, though, leaving us baffled on how they pulled it off. Taking some pulls ourselves, you can’t help but perma-grin for a while as it works its way from your head into your shoulders and back. Great for joint and muscle pain, the more we dabbed, the more we melted into our chairs and lost track of time. Try it out if you need to catch up on some podcasts or are reading by the pool.

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