Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum Extract Oil Available at: Deeply Rooted San Diego in San Diego.

Containing 600mg of active cannabinoids per each 10mL bottle, which is 60mg per serving, Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum Oil is made in America and is specifically sourced from experienced, eighth generation Kentucky farmers. It contains a proprietary blend of genetics that go through very intensive testing from seed to shelf, and contain absolutely no pesticides or residual solvents. One dropper contains 30mg of cannabinoids, and offers a very mild effect. Reviewers felt a slight physical relaxation and relief from mildly anxious thoughts. Ananda uses hempseed oil as a carrier for the hemp extract, making it a delicious addition to homemade or store bought salad dressings and marinades. Because there is no THC in this product, you will not experience any sort of psychoactive effect. You could, however, reap the all of the benefits of full spectrum hemp oil, more so if used on a long-term basis.

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