Amnesia Haze Available at: Zen Noho in North Hollywood.

If the name of this strain is any indication, consuming it will almost guarantee that you will forget your troubles, as well as where you are and perhaps who you are if you consume enough. Amnesia Haze is by far one of the strongest sativa strains that CULTURE has sampled in a good while. The overpowering skunk aroma is incomprehensibly strong. The sheer amount of trichomes is impressive to say the least, even in the centermost parts of the nuggets when broken up. The light color and strong sativa characteristics are what cannasseurs love most about Haze blends, which is why we knew we would be in for a ride with Amnesia Haze. The taste and effects reminded us of other notable sativa-dominant strains like San Fernando Valley OG or Super Lemon Haze.

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