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Letter from the Editor

Ambrosial Ambitions




The green waves of change have been passing over the cannabis industry for decades. The evidence is everywhere you look. From high-end chocolatiers crafting truffles that look more like works of art than edibles, to cannabis companies selling a monumental number of infused edibles each week—we’ve come a long way from the days of green-flaked cannabutter being the only option for using cannabis in food.

It’s for that reason that CULTURE dedicates an entire issue of our monthly magazine to cannabis edibles each year. After all, like cannabis, food is one thing that we can’t live without. It nourishes our bodies, entertains our taste buds, and it gives us reason to gather around with our loved ones for meals and our favorite food holiday of Thanksgiving.

The quality of edibles, as well as their packaging, has soared in recent years, and the safety surrounding these tasty treats has also increased. Recreational states remain dedicated to including warnings and packaging that will keep edibles out of the hands of children. Our industry also continues to evolve in requiring edibles that are tested for contaminants and that have consistent dosing as well. Like our cover celebrity Chef Roy Choi says in his interview, eating edibles has been notoriously known to be like a game of “Russian Roulette.” But, luckily, the industry is changing that.

The cannabis industry welcomed acclaimed chef, restaurateur and the originator of the modern-day food truck craze, Roy Choi, with open arms when he first shared his love for cannabis many years ago. Choi continues to wear his cannabis advocacy on his sleeve—he even named one of his restaurants POT, and it was not a coincidence. The menu even features an image of an elderly woman smoking a joint.

In the CULTURE family, food is tied to celebration, and it’s an honor to celebrate our annual Edibles Issue with you all as we continue to ride these waves of change into the future. Take this time to enjoy some delicious edibles while flipping through these pages, and always remember—titrate responsibly.


Jamie Solis


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