Ambrosia by Spectrum Concentrates™ Available wherever: Spectrum Concentrates™ products are carried.

“Ambrosia” is the Greek mythological word for the food of the gods. It’s a truly fitting name for a product that delivers one of the purest effects around. Ambrosia is a highly potent crystalline concentrate offering, testing at over 95 percent THCA by weight, plus terpenes for a richer and more unique flavor. Upon sampling Ambrosia, it slowly melted like yellow ice on our nail, sending powerful fumes that immediately cleared our airways and sent us floating into the heavens with Zeus and we quickly were overcome with amnesia. With its heavenly herbal flavor, zesty aroma and instantaneous powerful effects, Ambrosia is clearly a gift from the gods. Secure your otherworldly and potent offering of Ambrosia at various retailers throughout Colorado.

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