Alaskan Thunder F*ck

Available at Cannabis Connection in Denver.

Fortunately, you don’t have to take a frigid cruise to see the best our 49th state has to offer. In fact, if you’re in the Colorado Springs area, you’re in luck, as Cannabis Connection truly delivered with their Alaskan Thunder F*ck (ATF). For a 100 percent sativa, the structure is decidedly indica looking, with round, fat buds showing off glints of purple in the jar that we couldn’t resist. One pinch will have you screaming sativa, though, as flavors of ripe berries, sugary sweetness, and incense come through exquisitely. Two hits and we were ready for anything outside, like huskies on a dogsled rushing through the snow. We also were ready for another bowl of food: Reviewers noted an uptick in appetite, as well as a lot of mood elevation and general feeling of contentedness. Think of ATF as a warm cup of cocoa after a long day sledding, only chocked full of caffeine and mini marshmallows. Wake and bake at ease with this high-functioning, fruity wonder that had us scraping the bottom of the container.

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