Advocates Call on Cayman Islands’ Government to Legalize Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis CultivationAdvocates who live in the Cayman Islands, which is located northwest of Jamaica, are calling on their government to legalize medical cannabis cultivation. Currently, the tropical British Overseas Territory allows for medical cannabis oil to be used for qualifying patients, but there is no plan for how those patients can acquire their medicine.

On Wednesday, March 15, the country held its first CayCann Medical Cannabis Seminar, where one of the main topics of conversation was to push for allowing cultivation for residents. The seminar was host to Dr. Dustin Sulak and Dr. Ethan Russo, both who spoke about the endocannabinoid system and how it affects the human body. One advocate, Dennie Warren Jr., stated that if cultivation was legal, it would help minimize the current issues with supply, as well as create a booming new industry to benefit the country. Warren played a big role in bringing the campaign to legalize medical cannabis oil to the attention of the country’s government.

At the seminar, Warren shared that his wife suffers from lung cancer, and he noted that there were many obstacles to overcome concerning using medical cannabis as a treatment. According to the Cayman News Service, Warren noted that “There were some fierce adversaries” fighting for their right to use cannabis. In his statement, he also noted that the neighboring island of Jamaica allows the use of medical cannabis oil for patients. Although he claims that it has taken months to secure the necessary permit to import cannabis oil from Jamaica, he believes it could alleviate the stress of obtaining the cannabis from another country if cultivation were allowed.

In January, the Cayman Islands government voted unanimously to allow medical cannabis oil for patients with qualifying conditions. Although this does not allow the use of the entire cannabis plant, it’s a progressive stance in the right direction.

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