ADAK by Hometown Herbs

Available at T Brothers 502 Recreational in Lacey.

This flower is definitely considered a diamond in the rough. You might not notice at first glance, but it’s something special. The flower itself is gorgeous, with its pine green and sugary leaves that are packed with crystals at the base and somewhat taper off at the end. The fragrance is forest-like, with notes of evergreen trees and dank earth. This strain comes from mysterious heritage: Legend has it that ADAK was cross developed in Olympia by Hometown Herbs founders, and named after a friend’s dog who suffered from cancer. The strain is a cross between San Fernando Valley OG and a strain of unknown origin—and the results are delightful and legendary. After using a water pipe to sample this flower, the CULTURE team noted that the effects were wonderful. An elated, energized feeling took hold, which led the whole team to agree that this must indeed be a sativa hybrid. Like a ray of sunshine, this flower brought light into our lives, making it the perfect addition to outings outdoors. If you’re looking for a strain to take along while hiking or kayaking around our beautiful region this spring, look no further than ADAK.

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