A3 Glass Vape Cartridge

If you have ever gone to a cannabis trade show, then you know that there are countless options when it comes to vape pens and accessories. However, this rose gold A3 Glass Vape Cartridge stands uniquely above the rest in terms of not only huge distribution throughout the country, but it also has features that make it both user-friendly and stylish. As the original innovator behind the dual-coil vape cartridge, it is likely this product by Transpring is already in your cannabis cache. Oil companies and dispensaries often purchase this top-of-the-line product, have it branded and filled with their cannabis extracts. The best way a consumer can guarantee they are getting this quality catridge when visiting their favorite dispensary is to simply ask! This cartridge is also available in the colors silver and gold.

MORE INFORMATION:  www.transpring.com

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