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710 Dab Day Facts



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]T[/dropcap]he cannabis community has only a few notable holidays. 420 is at the top of the list in April, and June features countless efforts to spread awareness of hemp—but July is when the party really gets started. 710, also referred to as a national consumption day for oil and other cannabis concentrates, is the kind of holiday you take time off for. It’s your own personal day to sit back and treat yourself  to well-crafted extract. Curious about how others celebrate 710? Here’s a list of facts to inspire your dab day routine this year.

According to Headset data collected from 2018, total cannabis sales increase by 10 percent on July 10 last year. Of those sales, specifically concentrate purchases increased by 49 percent, and vape pens by 36 percent. Whether you’re picking up a new tool or just looking for some to consume, those two are the most popular choices.

Of course, these trends to depend on where you call home. The recreational states where sales increased the most were Washington, with a 100 percent increase in concentrate sales, and Colorado, with a 78 percent increase. Both of these states also had the highest rate of vape pen purchases as well. Headset assumes that these facts are likely true because the states have had recreational cannabis legal for a longer duration than most other states, and thus a 710 culture has already become well established.

According to data analyzed by Flowhub for the states of Alaska, California, Colorado and Oregon, concentrate purchases have changed a bit between 2017 and 2018. When it comes down to which concentrate consumers are purchasing, it seems that last year shatter was the item of choice, as it was an estimated 57.5 percent of sales in 2017, and 42.4 percent in 2018. Apparently, between the two years, overall sales had increased by 18 percent overall. The average sale amount also increased by seven percent.

If you’re looking for a few brands to check out, Headset also list the top three companies whose product sold the highest during 710 last year. In California consumers can look to NUG, Raw Garden and Crème de Canna. In Washington, SPP, Oleum Extracts and Sticky Frog reigned supreme. Colorado’s market welcome House Brands, Concentrate Supple Co. and Madrone to its highest sellers. Finally, Nevada also had record sales with products from House Brands, as well as AMA and Hyve Extracts. Although these were popular brands, there are many more strong companies making a name for themselves out there.

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