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2019 High Art Competition Winners Announced




The High Art Competition has been around since 2015, promoting artists to look within themselves to create beautiful works of art centered around a theme. This year, the theme was technology.

The founder of this event, Dona Frank, along with The Natural Cannabis Company, originally partnered in 2014 in order to create a “crowdsourcing solution to package design.” Since then, a competition has become an amazing array of artistic talent and dedication. People from over 84 countries in the world have participated over the years, and this year’s competition was equally successful.

According to Frank, she’s got beef with people who don’t consider digital or technological driven art to be art at all. “I want you all to know that I take a ration of shit from people around the world, telling me that electronic art is not really art. I think they are descendants of the folks that hated the Impressionists,” she said frankly on the High Art website. “Fuck them though. Electronic technological art is art and to hell with the naysayers.”

As with previous years, the first, second and third prize winners are always announced on April 20. This year’s submissions contained many amazing interpretations.

First place went to xsullo, who received $15,000 and a $10,000 donation to the charity of his choice with his piece, Adjoin.

Second place went to Julian Bustos, who won $5,000 for his piece entitled The Spirit That Loved a Plant.

Third place went to @locustssongs with a prize of $2,500 and their piece, Metaphysical Technology.

The top 6th through 20th place submissions will all receive $500 as well for their efforts. Of course, there were countless more submissions made other than the top 20, so curious art lovers are welcome to check out the finalists webpage to view how their fellow cannabis consumers viewed the relationship between cannabis and technology.