2016 Cannabis Travel Planner Consider touring the great U.S. of A. with green-colored glasses!


Whether you live in a recreational or medical cannabis state, a soon-to-be legal state or your state is still in the dark ages when it comes to cannabis, travel to a recreational state seems like a whole lotta fun, right?

In fact, cannabis tourism is still in its infancy and–even in legal states–the continued stigma has kept cannabis tours on the fringes of the multi-billion-dollar travel industry.

Still, with a whopping eight states (California, Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio) having good potential at going recreational this fall in 2016’s election cycle, now is a good time to start planning for that ultimate cannabis-friendly trip.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of cannabis cups, music festivals, expos and business summits to please any and all travelers. And the list keeps growing every year.


Ready to book a cannabis-themed trip in 2016? Here’s a comprehensive global calendar to help with your travel plans:

Top 2016 Cannabis Events


January 8-10: 

HempCon, Bakersfield, California


January 9-10:

THC Hemp & Cannabis Fair, Medford/Ashland, Oregon


January 21-22:

The Emerald Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada


January 22-24: HempCon, San Jose, California


January 29-31:

Hawaii Cannabis Expo, Honolulu, Hawaii


January 30-31: 

Indo Expo Show, Denver, Colorado


January 30-31: 

High Times Cannabis Cup, San Bernardino, California


February 1-2:

Dispensary Next Conference, Portland, Oregon


February 3-5:

Women Grow Leadership Summit, Denver, Colorado


February 5-7: 

High Times Cannabis Cup, San Bernardino, California


February 13-14:

Cannabis Business Conference, San Francisco, California


February 18:

California Year of Marijuana Law Symposium, Los Angeles, California


February 18-20:

CannaCon 2016, Seattle, Washington


March 3-5:

Marijuana Investor Summit, San Francisco, California


March 7-9: 

Canna Tech International Summit, Tel Aviv, Israel


March 9:

Dab.A.Doo Invitational, Barcelona, Spain


March 11-13:

Spannabis, Barcelona, Spain


March 12-13:

The Hemp & Cannabis Fair (THC), Roseburg, Oregon


March 18-22:

National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference, Washington D.C.


March 19:

Cannabis Grand Cru, Seattle, Washington


March 26-27:

Abracadabs Cup, San Bernardino, California


April 2: 

Ann Arbor Hash Bash, Ann Arbor, Michigan


April 2-3:

THC: The Hemp & Cannabis Fair, Bend-Redmond, Oregon


April 15-17:

Hempcon, San Francisco, California


April 16-17:

THC: The Hemp & Cannabis Fair, Salem, Oregon


April 23-24:

Cannabis Film Festival, Garberville, California


April 23-24: 

New England Cannabis Convention , Boston,



April 24:

Oregon Marijuana Business Conference, Eugene, Oregon


April 30-May 1:

MardiGrass, Nimbin, Australia


May 7-8:

CannaGrow Expo, San Diego, California


May 14-15:

THC: The Hemp & Cannabis Fair, Corvallis, Oregon


May 28-29:

Lift Cannabis Expo, Toronto, Canada


June 15-17:

Cannabis World Congress, New York City, New York


June 19-25:

International Weed Science Congress, Prague, Czech Republic


June 20-22:

Cannabis Business Summit, Oakland, California


June 25-26:

Product Earth Hemp Music Festival & Exhibition, Peterborough, England


June 27-30:

International Cannabinoid Research Society Symposium, Bukovina, Poland


July 9-10:

Chalice California, San Bernardino, California



(Dates TBA): 

Northwest Cannabis Classic, Tacoma, Washington


August 19-21:

Seattle Hempfest, Seattle, Washington


August 28-29:

CannaGrow Expo, Portland, Oregon


September (Dates TBA): 

Expo Cannabis, Madrid, Spain


November 12:

Cannabis Grand Cru, Los Angeles, California


Dates and locations are subject to change


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