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Here’s the 10 Global Cities that Consume the Most Cannabis




You may be surprised at who leads the world in cannabis consumption. On Jan. 31 Seedo released its “2018 Cannabis Price Index” which identified the cities with the most and least expensive cannabis, the cities with the most tax revenue potential and the cities with the highest and lowest consumption rates.

In total, 120 cities worldwide cities were examined, all with various legal statuses. We often assume the United States is the global leader in cannabis consumption, and it is, to some degree. But other nations, notably India and Pakistan, are also full of cannabis lovers and they are not far behind the United States in terms of cannabis consumption rates. New York City leads the globe in cannabis consumption, although the report had a few surprises. Citizens in New Delhi, India, for instance, consume more cannabis per year than in Los Angeles, California. Citizens in Cairo, Egypt, in addition, consume more cannabis per year than in London, U.K.

Below are the cities that consume the most cannabis per year:

  • New York City, United States, 77.44 metric tons
  • Karachi, Pakistan, 41.95 metric tons
  • New Delhi, India, 38.26 metric tons
  • Los Angeles, United States, 36.06 metric tons
  • Cairo, Egypt, 32.59 metric tons
  • Mumbai, India, 32.38 metric tons
  • London, U.K., 31.4 metric tons
  • Chicago, United States, 24.54 metric tons
  • Moscow, Russia, 22.87 metric tons
  • Toronto, Canada, 22.75 metric tons

Cannabis legality appears to have no effect on consumption rates. In Karachi and Cairo, cannabis is 100 percent illegal, and in London, only Sativex is recognized as having therapeutic value, yet these cities lead the world in cannabis consumption.

Missing from the list are cities from China, South Korea and Japan, where cannabis is noticeably less popular and less of a part of their cultures. This could also be explained by the soaring cost of cannabis in those countries. Tokyo tops the list for the most expensive cannabis, at an average of $32.66 USD per gram.

The numbers shed light on cannabis trends in countries such as India, where western media rarely touches.


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