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Companies Interested in Testing North Dakota’s Medical Cannabis




Medical CannabisNorth Dakota recently approved medical cannabis, and now seven cannabis testing companies are interested in testing the state’s product before it is released.

According to the U.S. News, this interest by testing companies is welcome news for state officials who worried about whether or not there would in enough in-state interest from labs for the testing to be completed.

The Director of Health Department’s cannabis division, Kenan Bullinger, told U.S. News that these companies, which are currently located outside of North Dakota, “have got some experience, the knowledge, I assume the methodology down,” when it comes to testing cannabis for contaminants and THC.

These out-of-state companies will need to submit formal applications, and they will have to set up operations in North Dakota, since it is illegal to transport product across state lines. When medical cannabis sales begin, there will be two lab testing locations and eight dispensaries permitted.

Applications will officially be accepted following the rule-making process and public comment period, which is expected to take place in October. Once facilities are established, medical cannabis testing can begin.

“We’re moving forward, probably methodically and slowly, but trying to do this as good as we can,” Bullinger stated. “We want a good process in place to select the best growers, dispensers and laboratory. I think we’re on the right course.”

South Dakota activists are also currently collecting signatures, looking to get a medical cannabis program off the ground. Inspired by North Dakota passing the measure and its success so far, South Dakotans are also hoping to move medical cannabis legislation forward in their state. Although the Dakotas may be behind some of the other medically legal states in the U.S., they are making steady progress towards medical acceptance.

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