1:1 THC:CBD Aqua Drops by ebbu Available wherever: ebbu products are carried.

Swimming at astounding speeds, communicating with sea life telepathically and using superhuman strength all the time to save the day probably leaves Aquaman feeling exhausted and sore, therefore we at CULTURE strongly believe the “king of all things water” would greatly benefit from Aqua Drops from ebbu. Made from pharmaceutical-grade purified cannabis isolate and developed by PhD-toting pharmacologists, Aqua Drops by ebbu is an exciting product. The superheroes at CULTURE tested the 5mg, 1:1 CBD to THC variety by simply emptying all of the liquid from the clear plastic vial into a glass of water. There was a slightly bitter, cannabis taste, however, it was tolerable and nothing a flavored beverage couldn’t mask. Thanks to the water-soluble factor, the Aqua Drops kicked in within 15 minutes. This would be a superb product for immediate pain relief and to control seizures and tremors instantly. Portable, potable and functional—Aqua Drops are just what the industry has been missing.

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