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Milestones are an important part of life. In the cannabis industry, we measure success in every minor and major event. Our industry’s growth and evolution is improved with every skeptic whose mind is changed, with ever medical cannabis patient whose story is told and with every state making progress to decriminalize or legalize cannabis. We here at CULTURE have watched this news come and go, and we have reported on those events as they unfolded. Since 2009 when CULTURE Magazine began, we have been, and still remain, a humble publication that promotes truthful information in the industry and covers the most important news in a variety of locations.

Now in honoring the arrival of our 100th issue, we’re bringing back the memories and milestones of the past. Join us as we explore some of CULTURE’s greatest cover stories and examine a timeline of how far cannabis has grown since the first medical cannabis state was established, and delve into a comparison of how much our world has evolved since our first issued in 2009. If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed, it’s that cannabis still is, and always will be, a lifestyle that we all share.

Legendary Statements to CULTURE over the years.

Joe Rogan – March 2010

“[Cannabis reform is] important to me because when I was younger, I had the wrong idea about pot. I had this misconception that pot made you stupid and lazy. But it turns out that those people were just stupid and lazy. Pot won’t enlighten you if you are lazy.”

“People would be angry if they understood marijuana and what was being done to them because they are missing out on a staple of life. It allows you to understand yourself in a deep way, to look upon your actions and how they affect people. It’s a great thing for enhancing your creatively. It’s like a turbo charger. It’s not like it’s hurting me. The stuff that I write is better when I’m high.”

Melissa Etheridge – August 2010

“Cannabis during chemotherapy was just a lifesaver. It was a pain reliever; it gave me my appetite back; it settled my stomach from all the gastric napalm going on inside of me. And it also brings a lot of clarity to understanding what disease is. The benefits go on and on and on and on.”

“Using cannabis when one is stressed is probably one of the best ways cannabis can be used, because it’s like getting back to normal. It’s a perspective-switcher; you’re like ‘OK, I don’t need to get this fear or this stress . . . there’s another way of looking at this.’”

Margaret Cho – September 2010

“I think people should use marijuana instead of alcohol. I think it’s better for you, health-wise. It’s the least harmful drug around. I think alcohol is far more destructive. There’s just this stigma around [cannabis]; that there’s something wrong with it or it’s a gateway. But, truly alcohol is worst of all. I don’t know, people who use pot, to me, are often peaceful, creative and insightful.”

Willie Nelson – September 2011

“I remember reading a book called The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer, and in there he said a lot of great things. And one of them was that stress is the biggest killer on the planet, and the best medicine for stress is marijuana. And I know that to be a fact. I’ve done a lot of experimenting with it, and I know for a fact that it is good for stress.”

Wiz Khalifa – April 2011

“[My relationship with cannabis] is not just a musical thing, not just a creative thing. I just like to be in that zone. And it helps me just do everything. I’m not dependent on it. But pot just plays a huge roll in the everyday mechanics of my life. It totally keeps me grounded.”

Cheech and Chong – April 2012

“The reason pot is illegal because it’s so good and hemp products are so good, it’s environmentally friendly. So you have the plastics industry that lobbied against it. Then you’ve got the pharmaceutical companies lobbying against making pot legal. You’re buying sleeping aids and being killed like Whitney Houston on pharmaceuticals that are dangerous. Here’s an herb that helps with arthritis, that helps with cancer, that slows MS. It really is a God-given plant that we’ve been abusing, not with use but by passing laws against it.”

Roseanne Barr – May 2012

“[The crackdown on medical cannabis] makes me furious, because that’s cracking down on sick people. What kind of a psychopathic theory is that? The thought of this country as a bully country, and that really makes me angry, that it only picks countries to attack that have no army, only blames the poor for what rich people do. They don’t pay taxes, we never talk about that, but the poor, they always blame people at the bottom rung other than the top. They always go after the sick, the widows and the orphans. That’s whose retirement they cut. Our government is in control of psychopathic bullies.”

Lily Tomlin – October 2012

“I just don’t get it. I don’t know how we can have one law [on medical cannabis] and the feds can have another, and can come in and do whatever they want to do.”

Bill Maher – January 2012

“You know, first of all, I think people think I smoke a lot more pot than I do. I’m just not a connoisseur. I know that people are into the sativa and the indica. I know that one is the more upper and one is the more relaxing one. To me it’s all the same. It works. I know people have different reactions to marijuana. Some people it makes sleepy and some people it makes paranoid. And then there’s the kind of person who it kind of like wakes them up—and I’m that kind of person. And any kind of marijuana will do that.”

Kevin Smith – May 2013

“If you think about the brain as a series of folders that you keep creating, weed for me is like a program that puts them all in order alphabetically and allows you to prioritize what is important. That is how I’ve been able to spin so many plates the last few years. My medicinal problem is that I have problems sleeping, and if that is doing it for somebody who has mild medicinal needs like myself, imagine what it can do for people who have absolute medicinal need. Instead of filling them with yet another synthetic narcotic put together chemically in a lab . . . I don’t want to get all stoner on ya, but there is a reason it just grows naturally.”

Tenacious D – September 2014

“A lot of times when you get high it seems super-duper funny and then after you realize—NOPE. Now, we’re pretty much stone-cold sober, which I know is a buzzkill for all the folks that happen to be reading this at medical marijuana locations. But we’ve undergone a change.

And it’s funny now, when we play the songs about getting stoned, I always feel a little bit hypocritical, because, I’m like, ‘I’m not going to smoke a joint with any of you after the show,’ but I still have to sing the songs. I’m in support of legalization absolutely.” – Jack Black

Bob Marley and family – April 2015

Rita Marley: “The herb was a spiritual and natural part of life for Bob. [. . .] As he said, ‘make way for the positive day.’ I think we’re seeing that positive day.”

Cedella Marley: I think my father just believed it was legal just because everywhere he went he was able to acquire it. Herb for him was a spiritual thing. It made him feel connected to God and the Earth. He believed it was a sacramental thing.

Stephen Marley:  Bob is the perfect frontrunner for the advocacy of marijuana being legal, and use of the plant, in many different ways—medicinal and spiritual. He would be honored to be the champion of the use of marijuana. He would be very proud of this moment.

Sanjay Gupta – April 2014

“We know that cannabis can be a medicine. I’ve seen this now myself. They’ve known this in other countries for a long time. We’ve probably known it here even though we haven’t been as public or as vocal about it. We know cannabis has been used as a medication openly in hospitals in Jerusalem because they believe it’s part of a treatment protocol that extends and improves lives.”

Sandra Bernhard – May 2015

“I think that it is important that [cannabis] is legal. I think kids shouldn’t be arrested or thrown in jail for it. I don’t use drugs at all, including cannabis. If you are a casual drinker or a casual smoker, that’s fine.”

Chainsmokers – August 2015

“When we were kids, if you got arrested for smoking weed, it could mean the end of your life.
It’s crazy. We all did it, but there were a lot of consequences tied to what it meant. In going to Amsterdam—you waited your whole life to come here and just do nothing but smoke weed, legally. It’s really cool, for that fact alone. But, obviously for the medical purposes, it’s great as well.” – (Alex Pall)

AWOLNATION – March 2016

”I was completely sober until I was 21, when I had my first sip of alcohol and smoked weed for the first time. It seems to be the opposite for most people—they get in trouble at a young age and get caught smoking weed when they are 14, where I was too much of a nerd and was too afraid to try mind-altering stuff. It wasn’t until I was 21 and felt comfortable trying that stuff. It was a great experience, and there are so many benefits to it, obviously .  .  .” – Aaron Bruno

Lucy Lawless – September 2016

They should legalize it so they know where it’s bloody coming from. Listen, it being available hasn’t made me start smoking [marijuana] any more than legalized homosexual marriage has made me want to turn gay . . . I don’t know what they’re afraid of!”

I mean, I really, wholeheartedly support [medical marijuana]. It’s medicine, man—nothing works like it, is what I’m hearing, so it’s very cruel and unusual to deny a palliative medicine from these [seriously ill] people.”

Montel Williams – June 2017

“I haven’t gone a day without cannabis in 17 years.”

“It took about three months of getting my saturation level up, to stop being high, and start getting relief. Now, I have it fined-tuned to the point where if I wake up in the middle of the night with pain, I go in the bathroom—I’ve got five pens in there, and I know which is which in the dark. Bang, I’m back to sleep. I’ve got it all dialed in, absolutely.”

Toby Keith – August 2017

It’s funny [ . . . ] In the legal world they treat it like it’s the devil’s grass, but in the real world I know people who smoke weed who you’d never assume even drink a beer much less smoke. Most people I know that smoke will come home at night, smoke about half of something, and then go lay down and go to bed. It’s just always been funny to me how much weight it carries in the world and how little it actually affects anybody. When I was really young, I had some friends in high school that ended up going to prison over [cannabis], and it was like, ‘Really?!’ They were pretty serious convictions over something that grows out of the ground.

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