ZASP Strawberry Lemonade Available wherever: ZASP products are carried

Drink with caution—because you can’t underestimate the power of ZASP’s infused beverages. A whopping 240mg of THC is more than enough to produce a considerable effect, making it ideal for those with severe illnesses such as cancer or advanced HIV. CULTURE‘s sample was Strawberry Lemonade, and it tasted accordingly with a strong herbal aftertaste. This particular flavor is ideal for those who like sweet drinks, with a fruity twist not unlike wine coolers. However, ZASP’s infused beverages are a much classier and more powerful choice. It’s discreet enough to consume during the day, such as in a park or during a hike—but we wouldn’t suggest drinking the whole bottle in one sitting. Calculated titration is crucial with this selection. A shot-sized serving would be more appropriate.

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