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Young cannabis user Makes a Wish to meet Donald Trump




Donald TrumpThere have been many accounts of cannabis helping improve the quality of life for children, and it’s heartwarming to see those kids flourish and grow. What some people don’t realize is that because of cannabis, those kids are going to grow up healthy, and as they grow they will continue to bring strong evidence showing how cannabis helped them obtain a normal life that’s free of pharmaceuticals. Three-year-old Sadie Higuera is one such cannabis user who has become seizure-free through the use of cannabis. Now, Sadie and her parents are organizing their own “Make a Wish” campaign to meet President-elect Donald Trump with the desire to inspire him and others about the healing powers of cannabis.

When Sadie was born in Ramona, California on May 4, 2013, her doctors stated that she had very little chance of surviving with Schinzel Gideon Syndrome, which causes the affected individual to remain in a vegetative state for their entire life. They predicted her life would be a short one, and as Sadie grew, she would experience up to 300 seizures per day. Sadie’s parents, Brian and Damaris, eventually started giving Sadie CBD hemp oil to help treat her condition, and it created a world of difference. Sadie experiences very few seizures now, and she is able to interact with her family and is showing signs of brain development.

“Our daughter Sadie is an American champion Donald Trump would be proud of,” Sadie’s parents said. “It is our wish to meet him to demonstrate Sadie’s fighting spirit and make this a movement of awareness; understanding and legitimizing CBDs as an organic, healthy treatment which has helped so many people beat the odds and live a life they could not have had otherwise.”

Please such as this one have been made in the past, inviting President Obama to view how cannabis can change a life. Only time will tell whether or not the President-elect will take the time to explore what cannabis can do for Americans—because maybe cannabis is what the country needs to become great again.

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