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Washington State Develops Official Team of Odor Experts




Regulators in Washington State have previously discussed complaints about cannabis odor, which has brought significant coverage on a local level. After years of criticism, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) announced that it will be putting together a cannabis odor task force to help address local concerns.

On the surface it may seem like odor is the least of anyone’s worries when it comes to regulating the cannabis industry, but for some it can have some very real consequences. Businesses such as livestock producers and farmers have been bringing up issues with smell regulations for years. Although, it is difficult to distinguish an odor complaint from a complaint that opposes cannabis in general.

In Colorado, California, Massachusetts and Oregon, people have filed Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) lawsuits against cannabis companies, claiming that odors coming from farms affect property value and quality of life for those who live in the surrounding area. 

The state is looking for a way to fund a project that they call the Marijuana Odors and Emissions Detection and Research Services, according to a LCB press release from August 10. 

“Vendors must also be able to research and report on the availability and appropriateness of addressing marijuana odors and emissions, and the potentially harmful impacts of marijuana odors and emissions on people who live, work, or are located in close proximity to marijuana production or processing facilities,” the LCB wrote.

The idea is to hire a vendor to report on strong or problematic odors produced by legal cannabis companies. Once identified, it would be their job to determine whether or not the odors are harmful or detrimental to those who live nearby. LCB spokesperson Brian Smith said that there are currently four bids for this service.

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