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UC Davis to Conduct Cannabis Research for DEA




University of California, Davis has partnered with a pharmaceutical company to conduct important cannabis research. University researchers have come to an agreement with Biopharmaceutical Research Company (BRC), which is one of the first companies to be registered with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Researchers from UC Davis and BRC will work together to investigate the biological and chemical components of cannabis. The research aims to provide vital information about cannabis to health care providers, law enforcement officials and scientists. The cannabis won’t physically be on the UC Davis campus or any campus properties. Instead, the cannabis will be studied at BRC’s lab.

Professor and Chair of the Department of Plant Sciences at UC Davis, Gail Taylor explained the goal of the research in a press release. “While cannabis is already available for medicinal and recreational use in a majority of states, cannabis research has long struggled to keep pace with the law,” said Taylor. “We expect this partnership to bring more scientific understanding of the plant and its products so that regulators can more effectively manage potential risks and benefits.”

BRC also aims to bring more standardization and understanding of cannabis for the greater good of the community, for medical professionals, scientists and public safety. Founder and CEO of BRC, George Hodgin, explained that this goal is part of his company’s goals and values. ““BRC was founded on the mission of examining how cannabis can effectively be used to help patients across America, particularly veterans struggling with depression, post-traumatic stress, chronic pain and other wartime wounds,” said Hodgin.  “The BRC team is eager to support UC Davis in this research endeavor, and to help lawmakers and regulators better understand the science of cannabis, so stakeholders can more effectively make policy and health decisions.”

Public universities across the nation continue to lead the charge in cannabis research and education. UC Davis is the latest university to dedicate itself to uncovering the countless mysteries that surround the cannabis plant.