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Transcending Music with The Complex Dialect




Photo credit: Hanna Stevens

Based in Washington State and rooted in reality, The Complex Dialect uses its musical platform to discuss hard-to-process subjects, such as honesty and uncovering uncomfortable truths. The band’s debut record, Change, due out December 1, is aptly titled and draws from a plethora of sounds and inspiration to create a musical conversation aimed at change and forward motion. CULTURE spoke with Lola Campbell of The Complex Dialect about the group’s mission and why it’s important to stay chill and smoke cannabis.


How did you start making music?

When I was [around] seven, I was obsessed with the synthesizer sound in Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition,” and I asked my mom how to go about making that sound. That’s when I started piano lessons. I also sang in choirs all through school and church when I was younger.


Do you have anything exciting in the works that you want to announce?

Our debut album, Change, comes out December 1. We are also headlining at The Showbox (Seattle) January 27. We are super excited for that.


How would you describe your sound?

I’d describe our sound as cumulative. It’s made up of jazz, pop, alt rock and rap. It runs the gamut; it’s however we were feeling at the time inspiration hit.


How do you feel about your local music scene?

I feel like there are so many amazing Seattle musicians. I want Complex to instigate a new wave of Seattle mainstream music prevalence. Popular music has gotten so canned and stagnant. Our peers have so many different sounds; it’s our time to change things up.


How do you feel about cannabis legalization so far? What could be done better, or differently?

I mean, it’s amazing. Ten years ago it was so sketchy, and now you can just walk into a store and purchase a joint as easily as buying an ice cream cone. It’s great. I think a lot of answers for some of our societal problems lie in the decriminalization of purchasing marijuana. Plus it’s a taxable entity and it creates jobs.


How has cannabis affected your life and/or creative process?

It really helps the otherwise crippling anxiety I feel when thinking about a busy day ahead of me or beginning a new endeavor. It allows me to step back, and see attainable steps to make instead of being overwhelmed by the big picture. It’s an extremely important element in my life.

Photo credit: Hanna Stevens

How do you advocate for cannabis?

Well in Seattle, we’re lucky enough to have had it legalized, and I’d vote for that to continue whenever I have the opportunity.


Have you ever worked cannabis into your music as a theme?

Not necessarily as a central theme, but yes there are many references to weed and smoking in my lyrics.


What is your favorite strain or cannabis product?

I’m a sativa gal. Space Queen is probably my favorite.


Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Be chill. Smoke weed.?


Band Name: The Complex Dialect

Genre: Indie rock

Location: Seattle, Washington

Most Recent/Upcoming Album: Change, releasing on December 1


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