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Tommy Chong Announces Cannabis Travel Show




Tommy Chong announced on August 15 that’s he’s developing a cannabis travel show to air on Cannabis Club TV (CCTV). The 79-year-old compares the upcoming show to Anthony Bourdain’s cooking show, but for cannabis enthusiasts.

CCTV airs in dispensaries across America and was launched by Danny Keith and Pete Biggam of Santa Cruz, California. The CCTV network broadcasts Out-of-Home, Over-the-Top-TV or Pay-Per-View and is the first to devote itself to the cannabis industry. Chong’s new show will be one of the highlights of 20 new channels to air on CCTV.

Chong will continue to sell glass pipes and accessories online. “I’m excited to announce that I’m developing a cannabis travel show, where I explore all the unique cannabis cultures this planet has to offer. I love to have a Cannabis Club TV channel playing while I’m carving and testing my handmade water pipes,” Chong said in a press release. Chong plans on traveling to cannabis and hemp meccas such as Amsterdam, Nepal, Humboldt County and Kentucky. The show will feature a variety of the world’s cannabis flowers and concentrates.

Cannabis travel and tourism has turned out to be a marketable service, especially in cities such as Denver or Las Vegas. Cannabis-related tourism might be able to save Puerto Rico from its economic crisis.

Chong sells water pipes and bubblers at Cheech & Chong™ Glass. The climate surrounding cannabis has changed since 2003 when the federal government launched “Operation Pipe Dreams” and sentenced Chong to nine months in federal prison for conspiracy to sell drug paraphernalia. Chong is much more open now about the cannabis products he sells.

Chong’s upcoming travel show will add to his brand, which includes Chong’s Choice cannabis line, a brand that recently expanded to the Bay Area. Over the years, Chong has proven to be the most die-hard cannabis enthusiast out of the Cheech & Chong comedy duo with Cheech Marin. With this new TV show, he continues to show his unwavering support of and involvement in the cannabis industry.

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