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Super Lemon Haze Rosin





Available at Redwood Coast Collective in Santa Cruz.

Get back to nature with Canna Luna Extracts’ world-class Rosin Super Lemon Haze, carried by the Redwood Coast dispensary. This rosin has a great, accurate, natural Super Lemon Haze strain smell—rich in limonene terpenes. It’s markedly different from more processed solvent hash—both butane and CO2. “Rosin” is a newly trending, sap-like, high-potency extract made with just heat, pressure and filtration. It’s also waxier, less sticky, solid and opaque at room temperature, making pretty workable and ideal for dabbing more than anything. You can really see the quality and consistency on the dabber. Rosin Super Lemon Haze dabbed really, really nice—hyper-potent, and refined, with the authentic spectrum of Super Lemon Haze terpenes. High-potency extracts of sativas can lift moods, and provide energy, some depressed patients report.

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