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Strawberry Cough





Available at Greenside Recreational in Des Moines. 

The package for this Strawberry Cough from SPARK has the word “focus” featured prominently on the front, along with a smaller “sativa” to cleverly indicate the flower’s attributes. On the back of the package is where you’ll find the hard data: The strain name, Strawberry Cough, and the THC percentage, 18.6 percent. So right away with this flower, you know what you’re getting into. A light and airy flower, this is perfect for undertaking creative projects. And after using a vaporizer and water pipe to ingest this flower, it lived up to its claims. It’s the perfect mild flower to bring to share in a mixed crowd with various tolerances. It will provide a nice pick-me-up for the serious cannabis users, and a wonderful, happy and euphoric experience for those with low tolerances to cannabis (even first-time users).

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