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Strain of the Week: Diablo OG Kush




El Diablo, or more commonly known as “the devil” in Spanish, has always been associated with death. From desert locals like “Death Valley” to a variety of film and television shows, and even to the nickname of a noteworthy cyclist, the word Diablo is universally understood. Images of the devil, when viewed through any religious lens, conjure scary deeds, sacrificial promises and evil incarnate. If there’s anything to be afraid of during Halloween, many people think Diablo is it. However, we’ll contradict the very nature of the evil figure by saying that Diablo OG Kush isn’t scary at all—in fact, it’s quite amazing!

One of the first descriptors that CULTURE reviewers used to describe Diablo OG Kush is “delightful.” Surprised? You won’t be when you get your hands on this strain. This sativa-dominant hybrid has all of the qualities of its parents (none of which have been verified); much like the origin of the devil himself. This strain though contains many unique smells and flavors. Upon removing the strain from its scent-proof packaging, it released a pungent, musky and slightly sweet fragrance reminiscent of many OG Kush strains.

One look at the strains and you know you’re in for a wild ride. Our sample was dense, and jam-packed with shining crystals. Amidst the silver was a thick dark green color with bright orange hairs poking outward. Not to mention that the mere size of this bud could dwarf many others.

Reviewers couldn’t wait to get their hands on this strain, and used a water pipe as the consumption method of choice. The taste revealed itself to be sweet, and almost fermented. And it took a while to kick in, but once it did, reviewers began to feel fully engulfed in Diablo’s embrace. The effects were incredibly relaxing, both physically and mentally, with both sativa and indica effects being exhibited. There are many uses for a strain like this one, no matter if you’re just trying to avoid taking a nap after a long day of work or getting pumped to go trick-or-treating.